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Home Security                                                         

Contrary to the Hollywood stereotype most burglaries are not planned weeks in advance by criminal masterminds, 80% of burglars are green opportunists who choose their targets on the spur of the moment, using gut instinct and telltale signs as a guide recognising and
avoiding the signs that scream 'target' to neighbourhood criminals is an effective way of making a property less Vulnerable to burglary.                                                             

With a few simple modifications to your home, and some easy changes in your habits, you
can easily develop home security practices, which will protect your home. The longer it takes a criminal to try and break into your home, the more likely it is that he or she will abandon the attempt and find an easier target.

Despite increasing technological sophistication the humble old key still rules the roost with regard to home security and therefore its safekeeping and dutiful uses are as important as the property and people being protected.

  1. Don't hide keys - If you usually hide a house key outside your front door, stop doing it immediately. The first things burglars will do if they know someone isn't home is search door frames, beneath flower pots, rocks, and welcome mats, If you've built a good rapport with your neighbours, give them a spare key for home security if you're afraid you'll lock yourself out.
  2. Locks - To keep a burglar from having easy access to your home, you should have good, high quality locks on all doors with outside access. If you are unsure of your present locks ask for aFree Survey and have them checked, Have you just purchased a new home, have you thought about the keys you were given, are they the only ones to your new dwelling? If you cannot answer that question then you need to change the locks immediately.  
  3. Windows - Keep your windows shut and locked all the time when you're not at home, even during the summer. Criminals looking to break into a house are usually looking for unlocked doors and windows, or open doors and windows, which make breaking in incredibly simple and poor home security.
  4. Secondary devices - A good way to keep your home secure is
    to add secondary devices to the locked windows and doors of your home. A patio
    door lock gives sliding doors extra security. Special locks that only allow
    windows to open part of the way is another device for home security. These
    devices are extra assurance that a burglar will have a harder time getting in,
    and will probably give up and go somewhere else.
  5. Keep valuables out of sight - Keeping your valuables out of sight is an excellent home security habit. They would rather spend their time on houses where they know they can get something worth stealing, so put jewellery away in boxes within closets, or preferably in a safe.
  6. Signs - Even if you don't have a dog, putting up a "Beware of dog" sign in a window or on a gate is an extremely effective way of keeping intruders away. While an intruder may be prepared to avoid or harm a dog he or she can see, they will hesitate to come face to face with what could be a Chihuahua or a German shepherd.

With the right mindset, you can guarantee your peace of mind and home security while at
work or on vacation. Following some of these tips will not only help you protect yourself and your possessions, but will make others more aware of what they can do for their own homes as well. An entire neighbourhood of secure premises is the ultimate home security.

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