Choosing a new kitchen can be an exciting experience, especially if you've got a clear idea of what you want. However if you're stuck for inspiration have a look through interiors magazines for ideas, and of course visit your local Gallery retailer. When you're looking
through the Gallery brochure or website, remember that what's shown in photography is just one way of styling that particular range, so don't assume that if it's shown in a large setting then it won't fit into your house. Any range can be made to work in any space; all you need is a bit of imagination and a good design.

When planning your new kitchen, we'd recommend that you always use expert designers, as they will ensure you end up with a kitchen that works on an aesthetic and functional level. Most Gallery retailers will offer a design service, and will be happy to give you advice on the style and layout of your kitchen. However before you speak to a designer it's worth thinking about the space you've got and what you need from your kitchen.

Plan of Action

A kitchen must be planned to meet your needs and the various needs of anyone else who will use it. Utilising the space available is key to planning a good kitchen and maximising the efficiency of the size of the room -remember the smallest kitchen can work just as well as the biggest. After your house, buying your kitchen is often the second most expensive purchase, so take time to plan it.

Island Kitchen

An island focuses the kitchen activities in one area. Decide whether the island should be used primarily for food preparation, a decorative storage area or a seating area. Make sure you've got enough room for an island unit - you should be able to move freely around
the island.

L Shaped Kitchen

An L-Shape is ideal to build in dining and relaxing areas. It is practical for families as it can be divided into separate kitchen and eating areas.

One Wall Galley

As single wall galley kitchens often tend to be fairly small, try and allow as much work surface as possible, and if the kitchen will be used for eating, consider a pull-out table. Look at the range of storage accessories available as these can help make the most of
even the most compact kitchen.

Two Wall Galley

Always ensure there is room for appliance doors to open fully, and if the two-wall galley can be accessed at both ends consider blocking one door to prevent the kitchen becoming a corridor.

U Shaped Kitchen

A U shaped kitchen can offer plenty of storage space, so to make the most of it include some storage accessories such as drawer dividers in your design.

The Working Triangle

Whatever the layout of your kitchen, always consider the three main activity zones - food preparation, cooking and washing up. Each zone should have the relevant appliances, worktop space and storage. To maximise efficiency, a work triangle should be formed
between the three zones. Ideally, the sum of the three sides of the triangle should be between 3.3 metres and 6.6 metres and, if possible, uninterrupted by through-traffic.

The next steps

Visit your local Gallery retailer, Romerils Home Interiors in Dumaresq Street, St Helier with your wish list and ideas. Though don't worry if you're struggling for ideas as they'll be happy to offer you advice, and you might find you're inspired by a display you see in the showroom. It will normally help the retailer when you visit if you have the measurements of the room, including the position of services, doors and windows if possible, though these are not essential as most retailers will be happy to measure up for you.

The kitchen's the place where everything happens; it's the beating heart of the home.

At Romerils every kitchen is designed for people who love the very best in life and whose kitchens are central to their lives.

Whether your taste is traditional, purist or modernist, we have a wide range of kitchens to choose from.

With Romerils you're not just buying a kitchen, you're buying a place to laugh, dream, plan, think and, of course, cook.

Taking care to offer the very best service, from knowledgeable designers, to vetted and supervised local installers. We are confident we can offer a unique solution to your kitchen dream.

For more Handy Hints on choosing a kitchen click here, Handy Hint One, Handy Hint Two or Mike Alderman and his team invite you to discover the endless possibilities by visiting our well-appointed studio.

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