Romerils is proud to welcome its new, exciting and efficient heating range from RedwellGB, the UK's leading consultant and supplier of infrared heating, with a wide range of infrared heaters designed for any application in the home or office.

From sleek white panels, to blackboards you can draw on, and mirrors to custom 'private-print' panels, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to designing your personalised heating system, without the need for installing and running traditional central heating.

If you already have a central heating system, but sometimes need that little extra warmth, Redwell is the solution for you. As these heaters take up such little space and can be designed to suit any home with both wall and ceiling mounting options, as well as a range of "Roll-It" mobile standing elements, Redwell is always a popular choice.

So, if you want to experience Redwell infrared heating for yourself, why not pop in to our Dumaresq Street Showroom where we have multiple radiators on display, or if you are passing by our La Collette Trade Centre why not call in to our office where we have the Panelwave ceiling radiators installed. We're sure you will be impressed, we certainly are!

Alternatively, use the Redwell Heating Power Calculator online to find an infrared heater that best suits your requirements.  

Please contact Sean Blake ( or call us on 01534 738806 if you are interested and want to find out more about RedwellGB and their products.