Stanley FatMax Chalk Line Set 30m

The Stanley FatMax® Chalk Line rewinds 3x faster due to its 3:1 gear ratio. It has a  water-resistant, high-impact ABS case with rubber grips that make it comfortable to hold. There is also a stainless steel end hook for added durability and rust prevention. Its large 45g chalk well helps to reduce refilling times. A chalk view window allows you to see exactly how much chalk you have left.

Supplied with:

1 x Blue Chalk Refill 113g.
This high-grade chalk is packaged in a square bottle which is designed to not roll off work surfaces. The bottle features an easy-pouring, twist-to-open spout.

1 x Fine Tip Black Marker
Ideal for electricians, plumber, and general contractors. The ink is quick drying and is ideal for avoiding smudged lines. It can be used for marking copper roofing material, gas pipe, black pipe, wood, and metal and marking tools and equipment. Suitable for colouring nuts and bolts that need to be black.


Available to order

Available to order