Wera 003971 8740 B 2 3/8″ Drive Zyklop 8 Piece Hex-Plus Bit Socket Set 3-10mm

    • Set Contains:
    • 3mm x 35mm Long
    • 4mm x 35mm Long
    • 5mm x 35mm Long
    • 6mm x 35mm Long
    • 7mm x 35mm Long
    • 8mm x 35mm Long
    • 9mm x 35mm Long
    • 10mm x 35mm Long
    • On an extremely robust textile belt with twist to unlock clips; low volume and weight for simplified mobility
    • 8-piece bit socket set on a robust textile belt, 3/8″
    • In-hex sockets with all the advantages of the Wera bit technology
    • In-hex sockets with holding function for screws/bolts
    • Smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism for a secure fit and simple removal of the bit-sockets
    • Suitable for attachment to a wall, shelf, tool trolley and to the Wera 2go System