We distribute on a daily basis to both the retail and wholesale markets including garage forecourts and corner shops .  

Premium Housecoal is the most bought product as it is on average 75% larger than Traditional Housecoal and therefore burns for longer with greater heat . The most economical product with the highest heat output and longest burn time is Homefire Ovals. Homefire Ovals can be burnt in an open fire or for maximum efficiency is best burnt in a glass fronted multi-fuel stove, we also supply Phurnacite for cookers and boiler stoves.

All of our products are available for delivery to your door, 5 days a week with no extra delivery charge; remember to order your logs, kindling wood and firelighters for delivery at the same time.

There is no minimum order requirement and we will tip fuel into your existing bunker and take away empty bags if requested, weekly or monthly standing orders also offered.

Coal storage bunkers are also available for ease of storage.

For any advice on the best fuels to burn and for general trade enquiries please do not hesitate to contact Dan Turner on 884254.

Barbecue Charcoal & Chiminea Fuels

We sell everything you need for your barbecue fueling needs, including…

Barbecue Trays, Briquettes, Instant Lighting Charcoal, Lumpwood, Firelighters, Lighting Fluid, Fire logs, Chiminea Fuel, Kindling Wood and Netted Logs. Call in store for more details.