Core and Values

The Company's overall aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers through the quality of our customer service whilst providing a friendly and supportive working environment for our staff. One of the key components of the Company's continued success is our reputation as a long-standing, trust worthy, locally owned and managed company, delivering excellent customer service from the quality of our products, through to service and delivery. At the heart of these activities run our core values. These are what make Romerils what it is today and differentiates us from our competitors.

We hope that by having a defined set of values we will continue to be successful whilst continuing to build a company culture of honesty, openness, fairness and flexibility, in a quality shopping and working environment.

Honesty and integrity

We display honesty in all our working relationships, with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other external contacts. We are truthful and candid, keep our promises, and deliver on our commitments. We apply the highest ethical standards in all that we do.

Customer focus

We never lose sight of what really matters: the satisfaction of our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service and an unsurpassed product range, including market-leading, innovative products to suit all customer needs, offering value for money.

Respect and fairness

We care for our staff and treat them fairly and with dignity and respect. We extend the same level of respect and fairness to our colleagues as we do to our customers.


By supporting colleagues and sharing ideas, working co-operatively and adopting a strong sense of team spirit, we will all achieve objectives more easily and create a sense of community and pride in how Romerils' operates as a business.


With the ever-increasing issues our planet and ultimately the people living on it face, we are always looking for environmental benefits. This applies to the way we run our organisation as well as the product we select to take to market.


Our success is, and always has been, essentially due directly to all of us.It is us, our hard work, continued support and determination to do our best in everything we do that makes us thrive.