Coolers, Heaters & Air Treatment

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Cooling, Heaters & Air Treatment

Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, you can create the perfect home environment indoors with our range of cooling, heating & air treatment electricals. 

Get Summer Ready

Avoid being hot & bothered this summer and prepare yourself with our wide selection of cooling electricals, from trusted brands like Dyson & Shark, you’re sure to find the perfect cooling solution for you.

Shark Air Purifiers

Shark Air Purifiers use HEPA filtration to remove allergens, dust, pollen and more from your home whilst providing you with powerful air purification and odour control.

Coolers, Heaters & Air Treatment

Take back control of the temperature in your home and switch it up to your own liking, with our range of Cooling and Heating solutions. Whether you’re looking for a Convector Heater, a Halogen Heater or even an Oil Filled Radiator to keep yourself warm in the winter, or an Air Cooler, A Fan, or an Air Humidifier to help keep the hot dry air at bay in the summer, we’ll have something to suit every climate and budget.

Or perhaps if you’re looking for a breathe-easy solution to keep the air quality of your home feeling fresh and clean, check out our range of Air Purifiers which will filter out pollen, dust, bacteria and any other impurities giving you nothing but purified, clean air – great for those who suffer with allergies.