Doing the right thing means the world to Alternative Flooring. Making carpets and rugs with a conscience, being totally transparent about what goes into creating their products, and using ethically sourced materials wherever possible. Over 85% of their products are made from sustainable natural resources and they only use hard-wearing synthetic fabrics where absolutely necessary.

Passion For Lasting, Sustainable Quality

Bringing sustainable and eco-friendly materials to the forefront of the carpet world, Alternative Flooring sticklers for quality in production and are always testing out new and exciting techniques to surprise and delight people through colour, pattern and texture. Their unique carpet making capabilities combine expert craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technology, resulting in their outstanding range of carpets and rugs.


Sisal is a group of fibres which are extracted from the leaves of plants belonging to the Agave family, these fibres are especially durable making them great for high traffic areas.


Jute fabric is made from the fibres of the Jute plant, these fibres are soft yet strong, producing a long-lasting yet comfortable carpet great for any room of your home.


Coir is made up of natural fibres derived from the husk of a coconut. These fibres make up the water-resistant layer between the outer coating and the hard shell, making them incredibly resiliant.


Seagrass is grown on the banks of rivers, the carpets produced from this are durable and hard-wearing, the hard fibres are also static-free helping them repel dust, which makes them a great choice for those who suffer with allergies

Natural Wool

Alternative Floorings Natural Wool carpets are ethically sourced, and a great choice for those looking for a soft cosy carpet. Natural wool carpets are known for being a great insulator as well as being easy to clean, making them ideal for family homes.


Polypropylene is a synthetic man-made material, its become a popular choice due to its combination of stain-resistance and softness making it ideal for pet owners and family homes alike.

Sustainable Quality, Woven Into Every Carpet

For over 25 years Alternative Flooring have been putting personality back into their carpets, creating high quality flooring that you can’t help but fall for.  All of their products are sourced and made with care, not just for their carpets and rugs – but for the planet.  

Ethically Sourced And Climate Friendly

Alternative Flooring use materials that are ethically sourced and climate friendly, they have also given back to the environment by funding the planting of over 24,000 trees and 36 projects offsetting over 600 tonnes of CO2 emissions. If you’d like to learn more about how they give back to the earth, be sure to check out their partnership with Ecologi.

As well as their extensive range of carpets, Alternative Flooring offer their “Make Me A Rug” service where you can design your very own bespoke rug. Choose your favourite rug centre from a wide range of colours, patterns and materials, then add your own border, and even pick the size of your rug making sure its the ideal fit for your home.

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