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Cuprinol believe that your garden is an extension of your home and should be treated in the same way. Specialising in wood care products spanning over a large rage of wood stains, paints, and treatments, Cuprinol are here to help you to get your garden back into top shape.

Their selection of products are designed to protect and enhance your wooden fencing, sheds and decking area’s, ultimately making your time in the great outdoors a more enjoyable experience.

Woodcare Products

Colour and protect your garden

Wood Stains & Paints

Ducksback Wood Stain

Cuprinol Ducksback is a quick drying, low odour wood stain. This stain has an advanced, wax enriched and non-drip formulation that colours and weatherproofs sheds and fences for up to 5 years.

Garden Shades Wood Paint

Cuprinol Garden Shades has been specially developed to colour and protect sheds, fences and other garden wood. Its special pigments ensure a rich colour and allow the natural texture of the woodgrain to shine through. 

Anti-Slip Decking Stain

Cuprinol Anti Slip Decking Stain offers a rich semi-transparent colour with a tough durable finish. It has a unique double action formulation which has invisible anti-slip microbeads to make decks safer than untreated wood.

Wood Maintenance

Garden Furniture Cleaner

Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove dirt and grease from the wood prior to treatment or even throughout the season, it contains waxes and orange oil to further nourish the wood.

5 Star Complete Treatment

An interior-use only complete wood treatment which is water-based and has a low odour level. This all purpose treatment prevents insect attacks, re-infestation and protects wood from fungal decay.

Teak Oil Spray

This Teak Oil Clear Spray offers a natural finish for teak and similar hardwoods. It protects and enhances the wood by replacing the natural oils lost through weathering and maintains the colour and appearance of new furniture.


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