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About Egoitaliano

Designed and produced in Italy, Egoitaliano creates some of the most colourful, innovative, customizable sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories available. Born in only 2007 Egoitaliano is present in some of the most important markets in the world. With a strategy based on Italian craftsmanship, super smart comfort mechanisms, and cutting edge looks, their design is contamination and comes from astonishment, taking inspirations from the current day fashion and street style worlds. 


Authentically made in Italy, all of the pieces from Egoitaliano are produced in the Lucanian and Apulian territory. All of the materials used are selected with care and passion. Made by master artisans, each product is completely customisable in covering, details and functions, by adjusting itself to your stylistic and project needs.


At Egoitaliano, colour is poetry, they look beyond the furniture world for influence. Creating furniture pieces that are inspired by lifestyle, fashion and art, the colour is Egoitaliano’s protagonist with more than 550 shades of leather and fabrics.


Investing great resources and time into the research and development of their furniture, Egoitaliano create technical solutions that transform their furniture pieces into works of art. From their impressive motorised seats which can be controlled by their mobile app to their 3D Configurator, an essential for home and design experts.

About The EgoItlaliano Range


The relaxation functions and craftsmanship of these pieces go hand in hand with the modern and colourful designs of Egoitaliano, creating a balanced technological solution that compliment these sofas with care and artisanal passion. The sofas created by Egoitaliano are not only colourful and bold but also combine the most careful attention to detail, and all of the care you would expect from true Italian craftsmanship. 

Colour and creativity are the keywords of an Egoitaliano sofa, a furniture piece that can be customised in all its details. All of the sofas designed by Egoitaliano are modular and the sofa covers are fully customisable, with options from their range of over 550 shades of leather and fabrics. So whether it’s a 2 or 3 seater sofa, with a chaise or a corner seat Egoitaliano know exactly how to cater to you.


Armchairs with not only a modern and colourful design, but a young and eclectic spirit: These armchairs are created with care and passion in Matera and combine true Italian creativity and artisanal style with functionality and technological solutions, enhancing the comfort and relaxation of every Egoitaliano piece.

Fashion, street style, and aesthetic research drive the creation of these armchairs, with colour and customisation playing a key role. Other than choosing from their huge range of over 550 fabric and leather finishes, you can also decide on the detailing and relaxation functions. 

So whether you’re looking for an arm chair, a swivel chair or even a rocking chair, the Egoitaliano range will keep you surprised with its silhouettes, and impressed by its true Italian craftsmanship.


The collection of coffee tables from Egoitaliano includes pieces inspired by Scandinavian, modern, and minimalistic styles, where clean lines and metal create a sophisticated but unique atmosphere, design and functionality are two key words that inspire these projects.

Solid and light-weight with clean lines and multi-functional, these coffee tables from Egoitaliano are created to compliment and contrast your living area daring to express your personality creating a stylish personalised space.

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