Kitchen Handy Hints

Mike Alderman head of design studios says "Buying a new kitchen is an exciting time and there are lots of ways to be inspired. Follow our handy tips to help create your dream kitchen" 





1. Find the Look

We know that inspiration is everywhere so start by browsing the internet on inspiration sites like Pinterest and create a mood board, or check out kitchen magazines which are packed full of the latest trends and styles.

2. Create a Shopping List

Think about what you would like in your kitchen and create a list. Include everything from storage space, to items that will help you cook or entertain.



3. Plan your Design

Give some thought to the designs you have seen and what you like. Consider the size of your kitchen; have you got room for an island? Have you considered the working triangle?




4. Choose a Kitchen to Suit your Lifestyle

Look and feel are important but functionality will often win out, so hold on to those elements that will ensure that your new kitchen complements your lifestyle.




5. How Much Storage will you Need?

Storage is important; are you a large family which requires a lot of space for those important gadgets and devices? Do you like to bake and need room for utensils and mixers?




6. Add your Finishing Touches

Each finishing touch will bring your kitchen to life, think carefully about handles and any lighting you would like to add.

7. Talk to our Experts

Call into Romerils and Speak with one of our designers, they have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing kitchens. Discuss your options and let them know what you are hoping for so they can bring your dream to life.