The Dulux 2023 Colour Chart

Colour Of The Year

Every year, Dulux colour experts translate all of the global design trends into a new Colour Of The Year.

Colour of the year 2022: Bright Skies

Colour of the year 2023: Wild Wonder

Colour of the year 2024: Sweet Embrace

The Simply Refresh Range

Whether it’s bold shades with a sense of adventure or joyful hues that put a smile on your face, Dulux Simply Refresh can change the way your rooms look and feel, quickly and easily. What’s more, 2-in-1 Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface primes and paints at the same time, meaning you can transform surfaces effortlessly. Pick from fresh colours in new palettes to create positive spaces that make you feel alive.

Simply Refresh

Effortlessly transform walls in a single coat with even coverage and brilliant colour for a perfect finish.

Simply Refresh Feature Wall

Quickly and easily make a statement in a spectrum of bold and beautiful colours in a single coat.

Simply Refresh Multi Surface

A 2-In-1 formula including paint and primer that can be applied directly to bare or previously painted wood, metal or MDF. 

The Easycare Range

A new tough and washable paint, with unique stain repellant technology that keeps your home looking great for longer. This tough endurance paint will keep all those high-traffic areas – Such as the hallway, childrens bedrooms, and the kitchen – stain free for longer.

Easycare Washable & Tough

Easycare Paint comes with clever stain-repellent technology stirred in. It turns liquids into little beads, which sit on top of the paint rather than soak in. 

Easycare Kitchen

Easycare Kitchen wall paint resists all sorts of everyday cooking stains. The special ingredient is a grease-proof formula that stops greasy splashes soaking in.

Easycare Bathroom

Keep walls looking fresher for longer. With a steam resistant, Mouldtech formula, even the busiest bathrooms will maintain that ‘just painted’ finish for five years.

The Paint Mixing Range

A simple 4 step process to help you create a personalised paint that not only looks great but also performs brilliantly, choose your colour, function, or finish and then have it mixed together so its just right for the area that you’re decorating.

Paint Mixing Emulsion

Dulux colour mixing emulsion is a smooth and creamy emulsion paint for use on interior walls and ceilings, leaving a beautiful bold colour and finish.

Paint Mixing Light + Space

Light + Space makes any room feel brighter and more spacious. Its patented LumiTec formula works with light-reflective particles to reflect up to twice as much light.

Paint Mixing Weather Shield

Keep walls looking fresher for longer. With a steam resistant, Mouldtech formula, even the busiest bathrooms will maintain that ‘just painted’ finish for five years.

The Dulux Heritage Collection

Check out the curation of Dulux’s most luxurious and rich colours yet, taking inspiration from historical colours ensuring a classic timeless feel. 

Paint Finishes Explained

Matt & Flat Matt Paints

Matt and Flat Matt emulsions are smooth and velvety, and help to hide imperfections on less-than-perfect walls

Satin & Silk Paints

Satin & Silk emulsions are a mid-sheen finish, and reflect a small amount of light. You can wipe silk wall finishes easily making them a practical choice.

Eggshell Paints

Eggshell has less of a sheen than silk or satin and resembles that of an egg shell. It sits somewhere between the matt and silk finishes.

Gloss Paints

Gloss is a shiny finish designed for woodwork and reflects lots of light, this is perfect for paler contrasting colours against matt finish walls. 

Which Paints Go Where?

Whilst there are a wide range of paint formulas and finishes to choose from, it can become a little overwhelming knowing which paints are the best match for the task at hand. Take a look at the guide to help you learn which paints should go where based on opinions from the leading experts at Dulux.

For Bathrooms
Dulux Easycare Bathroom
This paint is steam and moisture
resistant making it look better for
For Kitchens
Dulux Easycare Kitchen
A hard-wearing washable paint that's
also grease-resistant
For Exterior Wood & Metal
Dulux Weathershield Exterior
Water-based quick-drying paint for exterior
wood & metal with 10 years protection
For Exterior Masonry & Walls
Dulux Weathershield All Weather Protection
For Masonry, Render, Concrete, Pebble dash
and Brick work. Stay clean technology protects
against all weather conditions for 15 years'.

For Busy Living Spaces
Dulux Easycare
A washable and stain-repellent
paint that takes the stress out of spills

For Feature Walls
Dulux Simply Refresh Feature Wall
Creating a striking feature wall has
never been simpler with this easy-to-apply
one coat paint in a range of bold shades
For Bedrooms
Dulux Simply Refresh One Coat
Refresh your paintwork in one easy
coat thanks to this extra thick
hassle-free formula
For Dark Areas
Dulux Light + Space
With Built in light-reflecting technology,
this paint helps make the most of smaller
and darker rooms.

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