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Beds & Mattresses

Deciding on a new bed or mattress shouldn’t be something to lose sleep over, our handy Beds & Mattresses guide will walk you through some key points to think over when it comes to searching for your new favourite place to be.

Our Bed Categories

Whether you are looking for a new bed frame, a new mattress, or even both – we’ll explain our bed categories so you know exactly what to look out for when viewing our extensive range of beds.

Bed Frames come in a variety of styles, whether you’re after a simple metal bed frame, a traditional wooden 4 poster bed frame or even a stylish and functional ottoman. Bed frames are a great option for those looking for a new bed refresh but wanting to keep their pre-existing mattress.

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Our Children’s Beds category is home to an exciting range of Children’s Bed frames and mattresses for your little ones. With a range of bunk beds, high sleepers, mid sleepers and even some with built-in desks and storage underneath, your child will be sprinting to bed early once they see these.

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Our Complete Beds category hosts a range of bed sets, these consist of a mattress and bed frame and are ideal for those who are looking for a complete bedroom overhaul, as well as those just looking for a new bed frame and mattress, so you can check both things off of your list at once!

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Our range of Headboards are sure to have something not only practical, but to suit your style and help bring your bedroom together. Not only will headboards stop you from bumping your head in the night, they’ll also stop your pillows from falling down the back, and prevent your bed from leaving any marks on the wall whilst you move around.

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Our Mattresses category is home to all of our super-comfy mattresses, whether you’re looking for a memory foam, a classic box spring or even a modern hybrid we’re sure to have something for everyone, what’s more is our Mattresses come in a selection of sizing ranging from the smaller single size to the larger super king size beds.

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Check out our range of Mattress Protectors  which will keep your mattress protected from dirt and moisture, as well as helping extend your mattresses lifespan. Some Mattress Protectors even come with a range of other benefits such as, giving you an extra soft layer to make your bed even more comfortable, and some come with heating!

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Bed & Storage Types

If you’re looking to find out the difference between a Divan and an Ottoman or you’re looking to add more functionality to your bed by opting for a style with built in storage, you’ll find plenty of information below on all of the different bed and storage types.

A Classic Bed frame is one of the more popular styles of frame that usually includes an integrated headboard and in some cases a footer. These beds use a recessed slatted base form to support the mattress and typically measure up just a little larger than the mattress sizes. Whilst these bed frames do not include storage, a hollow underneath allows for you to store your belongings.

A Four Post bed frame is a bed with an integrated canopy, similar to the standard bed frames these typically have a recessed slatted base and a headboard. These beds work best in rooms with higher ceilings yet they can give you a lifted look and still look impressive in rooms with lower ceilings.

A divan bed frame is a solid bed unit with a flat top which makes for great support. These beds are typically the same measurements as their respective mattress sizes and some even come with storage built in, meaning if you’re extra tight on space these may be one of the best options for you. 

Ottoman beds have a liftable mattress base giving you access to an enormous amount of storage space underneath, meaning you’ll never have to crawl under the bed to get your belongings again. These beds are ideal for those with an already limited storage space (or if you just have a lot of belongings to store).

These beds come with a solid base appearance with drawers built into the base, these are the best option in terms of quick and easy access to your belongings and provide a large amount of storage space. These beds typically house between 2 to 4 drawers.

The Chester Ottoman Bed Frame

Mattress Sizes & Types

On average you’ll spend around a third of your lifetime in your bed, that’s why investing in a good quality mattress is important. Whilst learning about what mattress is suitable for your requirements is a great place to start, physically trying out a mattress before you make a purchase is an essential.

Mattress Sizes

Our beds come in a selection of 5 sizes, all of which you can find the measurements for below. 

Mattress Size Dimensions (Width x Length)
Single W90 x L190cm
Small Double W120 X L190cm
Double W135 x L190cm
King-Size W150 x L200cm
Super King-Size W180 x L200cm

Please note that whilst these sizes are accurate for mattresses, some of our bed frames may come up slightly larger to fully accommodate for the mattress.

Mattress Types

Finding the perfect mattress is a vital part to getting the best nights sleep, every night. Our range of mattresses fall under 3 main types which you can learn about below. Whilst this is a guide to understanding the difference between mattress types, all images are used for illustrative purposes only and the construction of the mattress will vary from brand to brand.

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses combine the technology of both comfort foams and an innerspring support, together these create a mattress that will meet the needs of many sleeper types. These mattresses are layered with different materials with comfort being at the core of the mattresses design.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are designed to gently cradle your body whilst you sleep offering you an all round bodily support. These mattresses are a great option for those who like to sleep on their sides or for those with a lighter body mass, ensuring you still get the right support in comparison to sturdier mattresses.

Pocket-Spring Mattresses

These mattresses contain individual springs encased in a fabric pocket. Whilst these pockets are stitched together, the springs move independently of each other making them highly responsive giving you an ideal support whilst you sleep.

Mattress Tension

Discovering which mattress support is best suited for you plays an important role in not only the quality of your sleep but also maintaining a healthy posture overnight. Whilst these are recommendations on which one is best for you we understand that personal preference will play a large role when making your final decision.

Soft Mattresses generally consist of Memory foam builds and mattresses with lots of contouring support, these mattresses typically will have extra layers of cushioning and padding. These are the best option for side sleepers and people with a lower body mass as the softness will provide you with extra cushioning on the shoulders and hips, which in-turn will help to promote a healthy spine alignment.

Medium To Firm Mattresses are the perfect in between, these are suitable for most people as they’re neither too soft, or too firm. For those who don’t have a set sleeping position and tend to move around a lot during the night, these mattresses are better suited as it will give you the support and softness when required.

Firm Mattresses offer high levels of support and durability, these mattresses are generally better suited for those who like to sleep on their back or front, as well as those with a higher body mass. These mattresses will offer a firm lower back support and make a good option for those who may suffer from back and joint pains.

Children's Beds

Our range of Children’s Bed Frames offers a selection of space-saving solutions leaving your children with enough valuable floor space to play. Some of these children’s beds even come with integrated features below

Bunk beds are a great way to save on floor space, whilst giving you space to sleep two children. This is a great choice for siblings close in age, as well as children who often like to have sleepovers with friends.

High Sleepers are essentially a bed on taller legs providing you with space underneath, some of our high sleepers have chairs, desks and storage integrated into the bottom whilst others give you the freedom to use the space as you please.

Mid Sleepers are taller than standard beds giving them a good amount of space underneath for storage. With some Mid Sleepers even having desks, drawers and cupboards underneath.

The Stompa High-Sleeper

Children's Mattresses

Specially designed for children aged 3 and over, the range of children’s mattresses from Stompa will ensure your child gets a great nights sleep.

SFlex Air Flow

The SFlex Air Flow mattress is a medium to firm support mattress made up from several layers of foam, providing an exceptional comfort. These layers consist of a soft cushioning top cover, an airflow comfort layer and a supportive base layer. The zip off covering is also removable and machine washable.

SFlex Air Flow Pocket Spring

The award winning SFlex Air Flow Pocket Spring mattress offers a medium support tailored for growing children and teenagers. Its many layers are made up of an ultra soft cushioning top cover, an airflow comfort layer, encapsulated pocket springs and a supportive base layer. This mattress also features a zip off covering which is machine washable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst Mattress protectors aren’t an essential requirement, they sure are a beneficial add-on to any mattress, not only will they protect and prolong the lifetime of your mattress – some mattress protectors will even add an extra layer of cushioning making your bed even comfier than before.

Whilst you can opt for any bed size (so long as it fits in your bedroom) here are some recommendations on how big your bed should be based on your room availability, Make sure to leave enough room for other furniture as well as accessibility to and from your room.
Single Beds – Single beds are a great choice for small single rooms, children’s rooms, guest rooms or even use two in a slightly larger space to create a twin room.
Small Double Beds – Small Double work beds work best for smaller rooms where your space is more limited, these are also a perfect option for growing teens who have outgrown a single bed but have a smaller room.
Double Beds – Double beds are the standard for adults and couples alike, these beds work better in larger rooms, whilst keeping compact enough making it ideal for an array of bedroom sizes.
King Size Beds – King-size beds are perfect for larger double rooms and those who enjoy the extra sleeping space, however it is worth noting that these beds are larger in both width and length, meaning you’ll require a little extra space to comfortably fit this size.
Super-King Size Beds – being the largest of the bunch, the super king-size bed measures in even larger in width compared to the king-size, these luxury sized beds work best in larger rooms with enough space to capacitate for the bed and other furniture.

Whilst the firmness and feel of your mattress may be completely based on your own personal preferences, it is advised that your bed should be somewhat soft enough for you to lightly sink into,. As a general guide to follow, the lighter your body mass is, the softer your bed should be – This will ensure that your mattress will offer you the best cradled support whilst you’re sleeping. 

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