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Looking for a new television is more complex than it sounds, let us help to explain some of the terms and technologies used in the modern day televisions, so you know that you’re getting exactly what you want when it comes to your search for a new entertainment system. 


Our Televisions category is home to our extensive range of high tech TVs. You can find all of the latest technology including QLED, OLED, and UHD screens – What’s more is that these impressive TVs come in a range of sizes starting from the smaller compact 24″ all the way to a super-sized 85″. 

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Technology Types

With television technology constantly evolving it’s hard to keep up with the difference between the television types available and how they can benefit you. Find out how an OLED is different from a QLED, and why the Neo QLED is the leading technology to date.

LEDs or otherwise known as Light Emitting Diodes make up the back lighting of your television screen, these screens are typically paired with an LCD also known as a Liquid Crystal Display. These television types offer a bright and powerful viewing experience and come in a large selection of screen sizes.

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OLED Televisions use a different kind of lighting technology when compared to LED screens, these televisions use individual lighting cells to produce independent light sources. Because these light sources are independent from one another these diodes can produce strong, deep blacks, and exceptional colour vibrancy, perfect for creating a strong contrast. What’s more is that due to the faster refresh rate of these high tech televisions, you’ll encounter a smoother motion watching experience with little to no picture blurring.

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QLED Televisions use a Quantum Dot technology to produce a brighter and more vibrant viewing experience. Thanks to this smart tech these televisions are capable of producing an even wider colour spectrum giving you a more realistic, accurate and vibrant picture. It’s thanks to these bright, high contrast levels that these screens work exceptionally well in sun-lit rooms where other televisions may fall short, meaning you can say goodbye to unwanted reflections and glare.

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An advancement from QLED Televisions, The impressive Neo QLED boasts tens of thousands of micro LEDs working to bring you a richer tones and more colour-accuracy. These televisions display brighter whites, darker blacks and an immaculate colour palette in between. This precise lighting technology helps to deliver a better, sharper contrast between lights and darks making for an extremely impressive viewing experience.

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Picture Resolution

Picture resolution is measured in Pixels, it’s thanks to these little pixels that make up the picture on your television screens, meaning the higher amount of pixels you have the more definition you’ll get out of your TV screen. 

Television Type Resolution (Width x Height)
HD Ready 1280 X 720 pixels
Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels
4K 3840 X 2160 pixels
8K 7680 X 4320 pixels

HD Ready TVs offer a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels (Width X Height), this resolution is best used for smaller TV screens, in turn making them a great budget-friendly option for bedrooms and guest rooms. Most HD Ready TVs have an on-board internal processor that downscales the image resolution, leaving you with a smoother watching experience.

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A step up from the HD ready TV, Full HD Televisions offer a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels (Width X Height). These are the modern day standard television resolution and are best offered on smaller screen sizes up to 32″. Full HD resolution offers a crisp and detailed picture and typically will have a HDR (high dynamic range) ensuring a richer watching experience.

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4K Televisions offer a super high resolution of 3840 X 2160 pixels (Width X Height). These super sharp screens are quickly becoming the modern day standard and are best paired with larger television sizes for an incredibly detailed picture. These TVs offer amazing realism and a natural motion ensuring you a smooth yet stunning watching experience.

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8K Televisions offer an impressive resolution of 7680 X 4320 pixels (Width X Height) making this resolution 16 times that of the HD Ready television. These TVs offer a flawlessly smooth motion, a superior level of detail even when viewed close up, and an insanely realistic image with great depth, guaranteeing an unmatched viewing experience. These TVs also typically come with an on-board internal processer to upscale your content, meaning you can enjoy all of your favourites in a stunning 8K.

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The Samsung QE65LST7TGUXXU Terrace

Screen Size

Our range of televisions come in array of sizes from as small as 24″ up to a huge 85″. So whether you’re looking for a compact screen for the bedroom, or an impressive larger television for the lounge we have you covered. Please note that television sizes are measured from corner to corner diagonally so if you’re looking for the perfect fit you should take into account the width and height of the screen.

Screen Size Recommended Viewing Distance (Foot & Inches)
Under 39" 4' - 6.5'
39" - 46" 6.5' - 7.6'
47" - 50" 7.8' - 8.3'
55" - 60" 9.1' - 10.0'
65" - 70" 10.8' - 11.6'
Over 70" 11.6' - 14.1'

(Measurements are generally worked out by multiplying the diagonal length of your television, the recommended viewing length is 1.5 – 2.5 times longer than that of the tv size.)

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Television Audio Systems & Features

The audio produced by your TV will have a large impact on your viewing experience, whether you’re a casual gamer, a movie enthusiast or even a lover of streaming – find out how the different audio technologies work and how they can enhance the things you watch.

Dolby Digital Plus is an audio format which improves on its prior version of the original Dolby Digital. This technology features 7.1 audio channels including those for rear surround sound ensuring a more enveloping sound experience, what’s more is that the Dolby Digital Plus offers an improved bitrate level which improves on audio quality and fidelity. 

Dolby Atmos takes the home theatre to new heights, this format allows for singular sound objects to move dynamically within a 3D space creating an un-matched surround sound. Rather than using channels the Dolby Atmos technology uses object based audio formats enabling precise placements and layering of sounds creating a truly immersive experience. It is important to note that Dolby Atmos may require extra speakers or soundbars that support this technology for optimal results.

Adaptive Sound+ is a feature built into some of our Samsung TV’s, this smart tech will automatically adapt and optimise the sound of the program you are watching ensuring a great viewing experience. For those watching the news, this will enhance dialogue audio, for movie lovers this means an immersive surround sound, and for gamers this ensures a low latency synced audio and video whilst still providing a cinema-like sound.

OTS+, also known as Object Tracking Sound – is a feature that analyses the audio input and on-screen content. This feature will track the main focus on screen and will send sounds to the relevant built-in speakers so that the audio will move with the on-screen picture. This technology takes surround sound to the next level and creates a truly immersive experience for those watching movies or gaming.

Q-Symphony is a feature from Samsung that will play sound from both your soundbar and TV in sync perfectly. Because Samsung televisions have speakers built into the top and sides, this allows for a truly excellent surround sound experience. Q-Symphony can be set up by connecting a compatible soundbar and television with either a HDMI cable, an optical cable or even over Wi-Fi.

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