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Original Style is a UK based company that really wants your home to be the best version of itself.

Their collections are neatly organised into styles and then well presented in stunning imagery, offering you guidance on how to pull everything together. They pack all kinds of creations into their brochures to show off their tiles and how they can transform a room.

Their patterns are influenced from all continents and ages, but are lovingly created by hand in their Devon studio. It’s also a mantra of theirs to never create anything in isolation. Each new product’s relationship with others is carefully considered. With so much choice, and so many options on adding to their character, there is always stunning combinations on offer.

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Lovingly Created By Hand

Their latest flagship product is the Living Murals, which have taken inspiration from trendy large-scale wall coverings. The two most distinctive ranges are called Tropical Oasis, a rainforest filled with exotic flowers, plants and animals, and English Garden; a quaint countryside scene filled with British blooms and wildflower meadows. 

Every feature has been created by hand, sketched out and then painted in watercolour to create what you can now see on tiles. The botanical theme is carried throughout their murals collection which consists of summer fruits, patchwork ferns, meadows, wildflowers and Eden, and their beautiful prints are now ink jetted onto the material to maintain the boldness, and brightness of colour. 

We loved the English Garden mural so much we’ve placed it on display here, so you can come and see it up close. Panels can be repeated to create large wall coverings as a stunning feature, or chosen for smaller settings such as a cloakroom. For showers, panels can be wrapped around corners to create a zoned area.

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