Farrow & Ball – Stiffkey Blue No. 281


Farrow & Ball – Stiffkey Blue No. 281

This inky blue is named after the Norfolk beach where the mud, along with the cockles, share a particular deep navy hue.

Although traditional in feel, Stiffkey Blue is often used as an alternative to Down Pipe to create a richly dramatic space with a more contemporary finish. When used in well lit areas of the home it will appear much bluer, working wonderfully when contrasted with Ammonite.

Complementary white: Shadow White



Estate Emulsion, Modern Emulsion, Estate Eggshell, Modern Eggshell, Full Gloss, Exterior Eggshell, Dead Flat, Exterior Masonry


Tester, 750ml, 2.5L, 5L

Paint Colour


Product Brand

Farrow & Ball

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