Ninja CW93000UK Ceramic Coated Cookware 3-Piece Pan Set – Apricot & Grey


Ninja CW93000UK Ceramic Coated Cookware 3-Piece Pan Set – Apricot & Grey

  • 3 x 16, 18 & 20 cm saucepans & glass lids – made without PFAs, PFOAs, lead or cadmium
  • CeramicLock Technology – dual-bonded for extra durability
  • Made for healthier cooking – use little to no oil
  • Versatile cooking – suitable for all hobs & oven-safe up to 285°C
  • Colour: Terracotta & Grey
  • *5-year guarantee – long-lasting performance

*Ninja Extended Life Ceramic is fully backed by Ninja to maintain non-stick performance for 5 years (when used as directed).


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Welcome to the future of healthier, ceramic cooking. Designed for the modern home cook, Ninja’s Extended Life range breaks the rules of ceramic cooking.

Expect impressive results from day one. Whether you’re cooking a fry up or searing meat for a stew, Ninja’s dual-bonded CeramicLock coating helps you create healthier dishes using little to no oil. This versatile cookware can also go from hob to oven. It can even withstand the dishwasher if you don’t have time to hand wash.

This 3-piece saucepan set helps you create delicious dishes at home with ease, whatever your cooking level. Preheating is a breeze with each pan’s thick hard-anodised aluminium body which wipes clean. Comfortable cast stainless steel handles also make it easy to move pans from hob to oven to table.

Enjoy healthier meals with no need to use excess oil thanks to smooth and glossy ceramic coating. Each saucepan includes a glass lid, making it easy to check food as it cooks and lock in nutrients. And they can do much more than sauces. Their large capacity makes them ideal for hearty stews, casseroles and curries or rice dishes such as paella.

This set includes a 16 cm Saucepan, 18 cm Saucepan and 20 cm Saucepan. All saucepans include glass lids.

Dimensions & technical info:

  • 16 cm saucepan – Dimensions: H: 12.7 cm x W: 12.7 cm x D: 35 cm. Weight: 1.02kg. Capacity: 1.4L.
  • 18 cm saucepan – Dimensions: H: 15.1 cm x W: 18.8 cm x D: 37 cm. Weight: 1.25kg. Capacity: 2.3L.
  • 20 cm saucepan – Dimensions: H: 17 cm x W: 20.8 cm x D: 39cm. Weight: 1.42kg. Capacity: 3.3L.

Ceramic cooking starts here
Dual bonding gives Extended Life Ceramic Cookware its impressive strength and durability. CeramicLock is infused with more oil, which releases slowly, giving you more years of non-stick performance. It’s incredibly tough – able to withstand up to 285°C in the oven. Expect a smooth and sleek ceramic surface that’s effective at preventing food from sticking. While its light yet durable, hard-anodised aluminium base preheats quicker for fast crisping, browning and searing.

Healthier home cooking

Discover greater confidence in the kitchen. Extended Life Ceramic helps you cook healthier dishes using little to no oil. Our exclusive ceramic coating has a smooth and silky feel that’s dual-bonded with more oil during the curing process, making it stronger and more durable.
Crafted without PFAs, PFOAs, lead or cadmium, it would make a fine choice for any mindful home cook.

Made for all hob types & ovens
Ninja’s Extended Life Ceramic frying pans, woks and saucepans work with all hob types and are oven safe up to 285°C. Made from thick 4mm aluminium, each piece is sturdy, yet light. Ergonomic stainless steel handles also make it comfortable when moving from the hob to the oven or worktop with ease.

5-year guarantee*
Enjoy incredible non-stick cooking performance for 5 years when you follow Ninja’s care and maintenance recommendations.

Products included in this 3-piece saucepan set:
While saucepans are ideal for cooking liquid-based foods, they’re a versatile kitchen necessity. A flat base also means you can reheat leftover stew, soups and saucy foods faster. All pans include glass lids and comfortable cast stainless steel handles for easy moving from hob to oven and table.

  • 16cm Saucepan – This 1.4 litre saucepan is perfect for cooking smaller rice and grain portions, parboiling vegetables or pasta.
  • 18cm Saucepan – A more generous 2.3 litre capacity means this saucepan is ideal for cooking stews, pasta or one pot meals.
  • 20m Saucepan – A 3.3 litre capacity makes this a fine choice for preparing casseroles or chili for family meals or batch cooking. Dual handles also offer extra comfort and stability when moving it from the oven to the dinner table.

Crafted for everyday home cooking
Enjoy more confidence with every meal. Unlike traditional cast iron and steel cookware, there’s no need to pre-season before you cook. Each piece is ready to go after a quick wash. Extended Life Ceramic coating also doesn’t interact with acidic foods such as tomatoes. And best of all, all cookware wipes clean, with no need to scrub.
Complete your Ninja kitchen for even more non-stick performance. Ninja’s Extended Life Ceramic Cookware range includes frying pans and saucepans in a range of sizes, plus woks and sauté pans to suit your cooking style.

*Ninja Extended Life Ceramic is fully backed by Ninja to maintain non-stick performance for 5 years (when used as directed).

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Saucepan Sets, Saucepans

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