Ninja SFP700UK Combi 12-In-1 Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer – Grey


Ninja SFP700UK Combi 12-In-1 Multi-Cooker, Oven & Air Fryer – Grey

  • Family-sized meals in 15 minutes* – fuss-free 3-part meals for up to 8 people
  • Complete family meals – from pasta bakes with garlic bread to full roasts in 1 appliance
  • 12 versatile functions – Combi Meals, Combi Crisp, Combi Bake, Rice/Pasta, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Slow Cook, Prove, Bake, Reheat, Air Fry & Grill
  • Cook fresh & frozen food fast – harness the power of super-heated steam
  • Convenient door & viewing window – enjoy sautéing & searing, plus monitor food, any time
  • Cook up to 50% faster meals than a conventional oven**
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher safe parts
  • 2-Year Guarantee

*Excludes preheat time
**Tested using pork chops with rice, chicken thighs with pasta, and 1/2 lamb leg with potatoes.


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In stock


The future of family-style cooking is here. Ninja Combi Multi-Cooker turns multi-cooking on its head, designed with an innovative easy-access door and 12 versatile functions. It harnesses the power of super-heated steam to cook foods fast. From air frying to cooking frozen favourites, you’ve never experienced cooking like it.

Say goodbye to the stress of feeding a crowd and using loads of appliances. Combi’s 12.5L capacity helps you cook a main and sides together at the same time for worry-free, three-part family meals in as little as 15 minutes*. And as it’s a multi-cooker, air fryer and oven in one – you might never want to use your convection oven or hob again. Cook multiple dishes at once – even using frozen ingredients.

Ninja Combi Cooker Technology

HyperSteam and Air Fry technologies deliver speedy cooking results with the Combi Meals, Combi Crisp and Combi Bake functions. Bring full meals to the table sooner – cook up to 50% faster meals than a conventional oven**.

Combi lets you break all the rules. Who says roasts are only for Sundays? Cook a whole roast beef joint, potatoes, onions and carrots for four in just over an hour. There’s also no need to start preparing meals the night before as Combi works wonders with frozen ingredients. Use the Air Fry function to achieve juicy and crisp chicken nuggets. Or use dried pasta to create a hearty pasta bake, complete with garlic bread.

Get tips on cooking times, recipes and more in the Inspiration Guide. Select your mode with SmartSwitch Each Combi cooking function begins with the handy SmartSwitch dial, which helps it cook your meals to perfection.

Combi Cooker Mode

Moving the SmartSwitch to the Combi Cooker position creates a tight seal, so that it can use super-heated steam and rapid cyclonic air.

This mode is ideal for baking bread, creating large three-part meals in 15 minutes* and preparing hearty roasts. Enjoy five time-saving functions: Combi Meals: Use the Combi Meal Builder or Inspiration Guide to create quick and easy family-sized meals in 15 minutes*. Combi Crisp: Evenly steam food, with an extra blast of cyclonic air to achieve irresistibly crisp crackling, vegetables and more. Combi Bake: Super-heated steam promotes an even rise for breads, while keeping bakes light, even and fluffy. Reheat: Reduce food waste and invigorate leftovers with this handy function that effectively warms food through without overcooking or drying out. Rice/Pasta: Say goodbye to waiting for water to boil and overcooked rice. Achieve fluffy grains and perfect al-dente pasta every time. Steam: Add ingredients and water to the pan and let Combi work its magic. Super-heated steam locks in moisture and flavour – ideal for delicate vegetables or dumplings.

Air Fry / Hob Mode

Selecting this mode with the SmartSwitch allows air to circulate inside Combi for traditional baking, sauteing, air frying and slow cooking.

Prove dough for homemade bread, grill cauliflower steaks for meat-free Mondays or slow-cook a hearty stew. Explore seven oven and hob-style functions: Air Fry: Enjoy delightfully crisp family favourites such as chips, falafels and chicken goujons, using little to no oil. Bake: Create crowd-pleasing classics such as mac and cheese, pain au chocolate and more. Grill: Open the Combi Door to grill as you would on the hob. Dial the temperature up to 240°C to achieve the perfect finish for juicy steaks, tender souvlaki or paneer skewers. Prove: Give your homemade dough a boost of heated air to help it rest and rise. Sear/Sauté: Open the Combi Door to brown meat, sauté vegetables, reduce sauces and more. Slow Cook: Use the Combi Pan to slow cook stews and curries to perfection.

Easy to use

Move the SmartSwitch dial to your chosen cooking mode before selecting a cooking function.

An intuitive control panel helps you select from 12 cooking functions such as Combi Crisp and more. You can even set and adjust times and temperatures to create your own custom recipes.

Easy access door with viewing window

Watch your main and sides cook with the handy viewing window. Open the door to pause cooking, to give food a quick stir or use the Sear/Sauté mode – to give meats and vegetables the perfect finish. There’s even a light function to help you get a better view of your food as it cooks.

2-year guarantee

We offer a 2-year guarantee upon registration with Ninja (UK & ROI only).

Included in the box: Combi Bake Tray – Crafted with a durable enamel coating, this bake tray can be used by itself or with the Combi Pan to create three-part meals. Fits 6 chicken breasts or a 10-inch pizza. Combi Pan – Durable non-stick ceramic coating makes this deep pan ideal for baking, roasting and steaming food. It even doubles as a serving dish, saving you on washing up. Fits a 2.5kg chicken 900g of fries or 1kg of rice. Crisper Plate – This plate is cleverly designed to fit within the Combi Pan, allowing air to circulate and evenly crisp chips and other favourites. Chef-created Recipe Guide – Packed with inspiring recipes, this guide will help you create delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. You’ll also find useful cooking charts to help you build custom meals to suit your lifestyle.

*Excludes preheat time **Tested using pork chops with rice, chicken thighs with pasta, and 1/2 lamb leg with potatoes.

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Air Fryers, Multi Cookers, BBQs, Smokers

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Appliance Features

12 cooking functions, Meals in 15 minutes, 3-in-1 appliance



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