Shark HZ3000UKT Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Anti-Odour Corded Stick Vacuum – Black/Chrome


Shark HZ3000UKT Shark Stratos Anti Hair Wrap Plus Anti-Odour Corded Stick Vacuum – Black/Chrome

  • Shark’s best ever hair pick-up with Anti Hair Wrap Plus
  • Removes long, short and pet hair from the brush-roll so you don’t have to
  • Anti-Odour Technology protects against bad odours inside the vacuum, including dog smells
  • Perfect for carpets & hard floors
  • Slim & agile, clean anywhere around your home
  • Flexible wand bends to clean under furniture & folds for compact storage
  • Extra-long 10m power cord
  • Includes Pet Hair Removal Tool – perfect for homes with pets



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Discover a game-changing corded stick vacuum cleaner from the Shark Stratos collection, packed with Shark’s most advanced cleaning technologies.

Perfect for homes with pets, this agile, lightweight vacuum features a slim, flexible stick design that’s easy to move around your home – plus the reassurance of continuous corded power thanks to the extra-long 10m cord.

Shark’s best ever hair pick-up

Tired of removing tangled hair from your brush-roll? Showcasing an enhanced brush-roll design that delivers Shark’s best ever hair pick-up, the Anti Hair Wrap Plus floorhead removes long, short and pet hair from the brush-roll as you clean, so you don’t have to.

Anti-Odour Technology protects against bad odours inside the vacuum for a fresher-smelling home

Over time, pet hair, dust and dander can cause odours inside your vacuum cleaner.

With Anti-Odour Technology, a unique cartridge system guards against dust cup odours for a fresher-smelling home. Simply insert the Anti-Odour Technology dial into the floorhead and rotate to select an intensity setting.

Perfect for all floor types

Glide from carpets to hard floors with Shark’s signature DuoClean floorhead. Two motorised brush-rolls working together in one floorhead – the Anti Hair Wrap Plus brush-roll deep cleans carpets, drawing out embedded dirt and picking up hair, while a soft front brush-roll draws in debris and lifts stuck-on dust from hard floors.

Bright LED headlights in the floorhead help to illuminate hidden dust and pet hair pile-ups under furniture and in dark corners. Easily move between rooms thanks to the long 10m power cord and swivel steering.

Reach, clean & store anywhere

Flexology bends so you don’t have to. The vacuum’s slim stick silhouette features a clever flexible wand – at the touch of a button, it bends to reach and clean underneath low-lying furniture such as sofas, tables and beds.

When you’ve finished cleaning, simply fold the vacuum down for compact, freestanding storage. Perfect for smaller spaces, neatly store away in a cupboard or room corner.

Transform into a handheld vacuum

For more than floors, instantly transform this corded cleaner into a lightweight handheld vacuum at the touch of a button. Easily clean stairs, soft furnishings, up high and behind furniture in handheld mode, with the wand and versatile attachments.

Includes 3 attachments

From tricky corners to shelves and surfaces, tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks in handheld mode with the Multi-Surface Tool and 12” Crevice Tool.

Shark’s best corded stick vacuum for pet owners, this Pet Pro vacuum also includes an Anti Hair Wrap Pet Tool, purposefully designed to remove embedded dog, cat and animal hair from upholstery such as sofas, cushions, curtains and in the car.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal captures and traps 99.9%* of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, not releasing them back into the air you breathe.

The high-efficiency filters are completely sealed within the vacuum cleaner, offering extra reassurance for allergy sufferers and homes with pets.

Simple controls on the handle

Easily start or stop your clean and switch between Carpet and Hard Floor settings without bending down, thanks to a control panel conveniently placed on the handle.

Extra long reach

With an extra long 10m power cord, you can enjoy a total reach of 11.02m for effortless whole-home cleaning.

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