Teng Limited Edition 649 Piece Workshop Tool Kit


Teng Limited Edition 649 Piece Workshop Tool Kit

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Teng Limited Edition Workshop Tool Kit 649 Piece

The full-width drawers are suitable for holding 6 Teng Tools PS trays Each drawer is supplied with an EVA drawer mat and plastic trimmed handle Drawers have ball-bearing slides for a smoother and more reliable opening and closing action Use with the Teng Tools Get Organised system to build your ultimate tool kit

Key Features

  • PS Tray System 649 pieces
  • Black roller cabinet with Silver logos on front+side
  • Workspace inside the top cabinet supplied with a
  • 10mm EVA mat
  • Rubber protected cable hole on the back of the top cabinet for connecting a plug to a power source, eg: to charge a laptop, a diagnostic tool, power tools or a mobile phone
  • A combination lock enables you to lock the cabinet while charging your appliances

What’s Included

  • TCMM649NBK TTHT28 Hex Key Set 28 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTX2032 Spanner Set Combination 7 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTHR81 Rivet Gun Set 81 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTSD39 Torque Screwdriver Set 39 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT474-7 Plier Set 7 inch Circlip 4 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTXMDTN Screwdriver Set Power Thru 5 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTMD74 Bits Driver Set 74 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTHEX7 Hex Key set T Handle BP 7 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT917N Screwdriver Set 7 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTTX7 TX Key Set T Handle 7 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTX3892 Torque Wrench Set 3/8in dr 22 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT440-T Plier Set TPR 4 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTPC09 Punch and Chisel Set 9 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTCP121 Crimping Plier Set 121 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTSR04 Scraper Set 4 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTXND Nut Driver Set 9 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT1435 Socket Set 1/4 inch Drive 35 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT3819 Socket Set 3/8 inch Drive 19 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT1236 Spanner Set Combination 12 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TT6508R Spanner Set Combn Rev Ratchet 8pcs
  • TCMM649NBK TTX01 Tool Box TTX Tray 6 Compartments
  • TCMM649NBK TTPS09 Tool Set General Tools 9 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTXEXT13 Socket Set Extension Bar Set 13pcs
  • TCMM649NBK TT1217 Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 12 Pt 17pcs
  • TCMM649NBK TT1205 Socket Set 1/2 inch Drive 5 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTTX30 Socket Set 3/8 inch Drive 30 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTVG05 Plier Set Power Grip 5 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTX1292 Torque Wrench 1/2 Inch Drive 40-210Nm
  • TCMM649NBK TTID20 Impact Driver Set 1/2 inch dr 20pcs
  • TCMM649NBK TTSN11 Extractor Set 11 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTV706N Screwdriver Set 1000 Volt 6 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TTV440 Plier Set 1000 Volt 4 Pieces
  • TCMM649NBK TCW-HK03 Workbench Accessory Mixed Hooks 20pcs
  • TCMM649NBK 587J Magnetic LED Light Bar
  • TCMM649NBK 580CM Magnetic Tray for 4 Cans
  • TCMM649NBK TCW808NBK Tool Box Roller Cabinet 8 Drawer
  • TCMM649NBK TCB80ABK Tool Cabinet 660 x 600 x 455mm
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