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Genuine quality you can count on. In 1901 Hans Grohe founded his company, and more than a hundred years later they are still obsessed and fascinated by water.

We wrote a little bit about the history of bathrooms in a blog post, and Mr Grohe was a pioneer in the development of private bathrooms. His craftsmanship and design set the trends for decades to come and revolutionised the way we live our lives.

His youngest son, Klaus and his family remain as a major shareholder, and Klaus’ son Richard has represented the family on the Supervisory board since 2018. The business has continued to push the boundaries of bathrooms and they are one of the leading innovators in the industry, having won numerous awards and holding a collection of patents. Their famous iBox was released in 2001 and completely reformed installations, allowing for more than 200 shower controls (on/off and temperature) to be fitted using the same stuff behind the wall. 

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Hansgrohe’s main mission is about being sustainable.

For you as a consumer, this means you’re able to enjoy beautifully designed, user-friendly and often economical products on a daily basis, which will remain in excellent working order for a long time. You’ll benefit from all the experience the company has accumulated.

Amongst all the technology and innovation, Hansgrohe’s newest mission is about being sustainable. Asking themselves how they can help to save water and other valuable resources, they have started the Hansgrohe Aquadamie, discussing the role of water in politics, society, and research.

Hansgrohe is a company that cares about its family’s history, tradition and the legacy they will leave behind. They are fuelled by their genuine passion of making the bathroom an enjoyable, efficient and economical place to be. 

Try their free bathroom imaginator, allowing you to choose styles and shapes, here.

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