Immense Attention To Detail

Villeroy and Boch has a long legacy with Romerils, having been in our product portfolio for nearly 30 years. It’s become synonymous locally with a certain prestige and quality, and thanks to our long-standing relationship, good value too.

Speaking about his trip to Villeroy and Boch’s manufacturing plant, chairman Mark Syvret recalls an immense attention to detail and products of the highest quality. “I couldn’t believe how ‘well oiled’ their operational machine was. I remember them grinding the bottom of toilet pans to make them completely flat, meaning fitters don’t have to pack floors to fix wobbly loos! It’s their attention to detail, which gives significant benefits to our customers, that qualifies as the type of service we look for in all our suppliers”

“The beauty of their whole operation is how slick it is. When they tell us a week number, that’s the week it’ll be despatched and sent on its way to us, guaranteed.” 

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The Finest Style And Exceptional Substance

Design Studios Sales Manager, Joe Bishop also complemented their modern take on customer service. “Unfortunately, a customer of ours experienced a fault with their new ViClean washlet toilet shortly after it was fitted. We reported the error to Villeroy and Boch, and within a day they had offered to arrange a video call with the customer to try and troubleshoot it. It was diagnosed as faulty, and have offered a free of charge replacement.”

“I couldn’t believe they’d offered a video call, it seems so obvious now but that type of care and attention isn’t something you come across every day.”

Our brand is interlinked with that of our suppliers and the classic character of German manufacturing is efficiency, accuracy and innovation. What that ultimately means is those benefits are passed onto you.

The strong sense of support and aftersales service is glaringly obvious with Villeroy and Boch, and this makes designing with and supplying their products a breeze, all while maintaining the finest style and exceptional substance. 

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