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Cables & Batteries

Power your house with our range of Cables, Batteries, Switches and Sockets, whether you’re looking for specialised batteries or an extension lead to extend your power even further we’ve got it covered.


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Cables & Batteries

Keep your home powered up with our Cables, Batteries, Switches And sockets, Browse our range of Extension Leads which range from as short as half a metre to as long as 50 metres will help you keep those electricals powered even in those hard to reach areas. Our Cables department stock a variety of cables such as HDMI Cables and Ariel Extensions, which are an essential for any modern day home. Check out our range of

Switches and Sockets for all Interior Light switches, Plug sockets, Telephone Sockets and Satellite Sockets.

For those looking to power their gadgets on the go our Batteries department covers a wide variety of batteries including the classic AA and AAA batteries, Cell Batteries, and for those looking for a cost effective way to reduce their waste, make sure to take a look at our Rechargeable Batteries.