Ninja GR101UK Ninja Sizzle Grill & Flat Plate – Black


Ninja GR101UK Ninja Sizzle Grill & Flat Plate – Black

  • Low smoke indoor grill with interchangeable Grill Plate and Flat Plate
  • Family sized capacity fits up to 6 burgers, chicken breasts or pancakes.
  • Authentic chargrilled results: High-heat cooking up to 260°C
  • Flat Plate: Go beyond grilling, perfect for eggs, bacon, pancakes, fajitas & more
  • Cook using little to no oil
  • Includes non-stick Grill Plate & Flat Plate with grease catch, detachable mesh lid plus a quick start & recipe guide
  • H: 13.7 x W: 37.5 x D: 35.5cm. Cooking surface: 827cm2. Weight: 4.4kg. Colour: Black
  • 2-year guarantee (UK & ROI only)


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In stock


Experience the sizzle with the Ninja Sizzle Low Smoke Indoor Grill & Flat Plate and enjoy delicious chargrilled results, indoors.

Two interchangeable plates make it easy to create sizzling dishes right on your kitchen worktop – from chargrilled chicken breasts and smash burgers to seared fajita vegetables and fluffy pancakes.

Authentic chargrilling & high-heat cooking:
Reach temperatures of 260°C with the Grill Plate for authentic grilling, searing and cross-hatch chargrill marks, without overcooking. Perfect for juicy burgers, steaks, chicken breasts and halloumi, as well as griddled aubergines, stuffed peppers, corn-on-the-cob, asparagus and blistered vegetables.

Go beyond grilling:
Satisfy any meal craving with the Flat Plate. The flat top is perfect for fluffy pancakes, bacon and fried eggs to crispy quesadillas, fajita vegetables, teppanyaki-style grilling or sweet French toast. Sear, sauté, stir fry and more, with a large cooking capacity for family-sized meals.

Juicy, sizzling dishes every time:
Even cooking results every time. Edge-to-edge heating with no hot or cold spots means you can use the entire grill plate, right to the edges. Easily adjust the temperature up to 260°C with a simple dial.

Make all your favourite meals in one place:
With interchangeable cooking plates, this indoor grill easily takes you from breakfast to dinner.

Use little to no oil:
Grill your favourite foods for tasty results with no added oil.

Cook with the lid up or down:
With the lid up, give food a blast of concentrated heat for authentic chargrilled flavours and a perfect sear – great for cooking delicate foods or lean proteins like grilled fish and vegetables, without overcooking, or food that requires flipping like eggs, pancakes and stir fry meals.
Drop the lid to retain heat and melt toppings – perfect for a bubbling grilled cheese or loaded nachos, cooking thick cuts of steak, or frozen prawns.
The perforated mesh lid also helps to prevent splatter and can be removed for easy cleaning to avoid grease build-up.

Designed for low smoke:
The detachable, dishwasher safe lid reduces smoke from your kitchen and helps to prevent splatter.

Hassle-free clean-up:
The perforated mesh lid is detachable for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand. The removable cooking plates are non-stick for easy cleaning. The grease catch keeps any grease run-off or cooking juices contained for mess-free cooking and easy cleaning. Keep things tidy with handy on-board cable storage.

Includes Recipe Guide:
Not sure what to griddle first? Your Ninja Sizzle includes a Quick Start Guide with chef-created recipes, tips and cooking charts.

Ninja guarantee: For your peace of mind, Ninja offers a free 2-year guarantee (UK & ROI only).

Want to know what other customers think about the Ninja Sizzle? Take a look at the reviews below.

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