Ninja OG850UK Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker – Black/Grey


Ninja OG850UK Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker – Black/Grey

Bigger. More precise. Same authentic smoky flavour.

  • From the UK’s No.1 BBQ brand†
  • Large-capacity outdoor electric BBQ grill, smoker & air fryer with built-in probe & 4 cooking functions
  • Smart Cook System monitors food temperature as it cooks for perfectly cooked meat & fish
  • 30% more cooking capacity*: fits up to 10 burgers, 6 steaks or 2 whole 3kg chickens
  • Burns natural wood pellets for authentic smoky flavours
  • Electric power: no charcoal, gas or flames
  • Grill anywhere: Perfect for gardens, patios, campsites, balconies & more
  • Weather resistant for year-round outdoor use
  • Includes 2 x Woodfire Pellet Starter Packs, Pellet Scoop, Crisper Basket, Recipe Guide
  • 2-Year Guarantee


In stock

In stock


Bigger. More precise. Same authentic smoky flavour.
From the UK’s No.1 BBQ brand† comes the Ninja Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker, cooking even more of your favourite foods – with a built-in probe to remove the guesswork.
More than a BBQ, the Ninja Woodfire Pro XL Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker cooks even more of your favourite foods – with a built-in probe to remove the guesswork. Powered by electricity, it’s hassle-free, quick to heat up, and flavoured by 100% natural Woodfire pellets for authentic smoky flavours.
All the flavour, without the fuss of gas or charcoal.

Large BBQ capacity
Enjoy the searing and authentic chargrilled finish of a traditional barbecue, with the ease of electric power – now with 30% more cooking capacity* and an integrated thermometer for perfect results, every time.
Hosting a family BBQ, or a garden party with friends? Easily feed a crowd: the large 45cm x 31cm grill plate fits up to 10 burgers, 40 hotdogs, 2 full racks of ribs, up to 6 steaks, or two 3kg chickens. The crisper basket can air fry up to 1.8kg of food.

Worried about undercooking your BBQ food?
The built-in BBQ thermometer gives you perfectly cooked meat and fish, every time – so you can cook with confidence.
Simply insert the digital probe into your food, choose from the pre-set food types, and select your perfect finish from rare to well done. Ninja’s Smart Cook System continuously monitors your food’s temperature as it cooks, and lets you know when it’s ready to remove – so you can kick back and enjoy the BBQ, stress-free.

4 ways to cook:

  • BBQ Grill
    Grill BBQ classics and beyond – burgers and sausages, paneer kebabs, tandoori chicken skewers, juicy steaks, griddled chicken, halloumi, fajitas, chargrilled corn-on-the-cob and so much more. Easily whip up a quick weeknight dinner for the family or indulge in a leisurely weekend BBQ with friends or family.
    The grill reaches temperatures of 260°C for authentic searing and charring. Heating elements at the top and bottom work with a convection fan for even cooking. You can grill with the lid open for that authentic BBQ experience, or let Ninja do all the work the lid shut, perfect for cooking thick cuts of meat or frozen food to perfection. With electric power, there’s no need to purchase charcoal or gas.
  • BBQ Smoker
    The integrated smoker box burns natural wood pellets to create authentic, rich BBQ flavours, while a convection fan evenly circulates heat and smoke around food.
    Low and slow smoking is perfect for cooking tender brisket, smoked babyback ribs, whole chickens and large cuts of meat for a fully-developed smoky flavour, or quickly infuse any food with a burst of smoky flavours.
  • Air Fry
    Up to 75% less fat than deep frying** when using the Air Fry function. Make your sides the star of the show, from air fried chips, wedges and jacket potatoes to veggie burgers, mozzarella sticks and frozen favourites. Sweet tooth? Round off your BBQ with desserts like fruit crumble, caramelised pineapple, or decadent s’mores – all cooked outdoors, so you don’t need to leave your guests.
  • Roast
    More than a BBQ, the Roast setting lets you take your Sunday roast to the great outdoors, or accompany your meal with crispy roast potatoes, stuffed red peppers, harissa roasted cauliflower steaks or a whole roast chicken, cooked al fresco.

Woodfire Technology: Powered by electricity, flavoured by burning real wood pellets.
Easily infuse any cooking function with authentic smoky flavours.
Developed specifically for Ninja Woodfire, our pellets are made of 100% premium hardwood with concentrated flavours and are only used for flavour, not fuel – which means you need just 1 scoop to take your BBQ to the next level. The pellet size and shape provides optimal air flow and consistent smoky flavours. Designed with high density and low moisture – the perfect combo to create flavour-enhancing smoke.

  • Robust Blend gives rich, classic BBQ flavours that are perfect for beef, pork and chicken
  • All-Purpose Blend gives balanced, mild and sweet flavours that are delicious with fish and vegetables.

Your Pro XL BBQ grill includes a Woodfire Pellet Starter Pack of each signature blend, and a perfectly-sized scoop. Additional wood pellets are available to buy direct from Ninja.

Cook from frozen to chargrilled
No need to defrost food before cooking – perfect for a no-prep weeknight BBQ or cooking frozen favourites like vegetarian sausages and burgers.

Any time, any place
Powered by electricity, it’s ready when you are. Gone are the days of struggling to light a BBQ – just plug in and go for hassle-free outdoor cooking, any day of the week.
Electric power means no charcoal, gas or flames – so it’s safe to use in gardens, patios, campsites, balconies and other small outdoor spaces.
Because it’s electric, the grill heats up quickly. Lid-down cooking is perfect when the weather is too hot to stand over a BBQ.

Built with the Great British weather in mind, the Ninja Woodfire BBQ’s premium materials withstand outdoor use and year-round cooking. Water resistant to rating IPX4.

Easy to clean
The non-stick grill plate and removable grease tray make cleaning up easy. Get started straight away with a chef-created recipe guide included in the box.

Ninja guarantee
We offer a 2-year guarantee upon registration with Ninja for your peace of mind (UK & ROI only).

Please note, this product is for outdoor use only.

Also available: The ultimate BBQ set-up
We’ve got everything you need for the perfect barbecue. Enhance your Ninja Woodfire grill with specially-designed accessories including a Flat Plate for searing and sauteing, a Grill and Flat Plate for the best of both worlds, a Rib Rack, a Roast and Smoke Rack, a weather-resistant BBQ Cover, adjustable Grill Stand and additional Woodfire Pellets. (All sold separately.)

†UK 3rd party market data, total BBQ category, sales by value, Jan – Dec’23
*vs OG700 series.
**Tested against deep-fried, hand-cut French fries

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Air Fryers, Multi Cookers, BBQs, Smokers

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