Titan Plus LED 4m x 3m Rectangular Aluminium Pergola – White


Titan Plus LED 4m x 3m Rectangular Aluminium Pergola – White


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The Titan Plus 4m x 3m Rectangular Aluminium Pergola – White shares the same design DNA as the Titan, but with big upgrades, making it the best-in-class pergola on the market.

You may have noticed there is no handle to manually operate the roof. That’s because the Titan Plus pergola comes with a handy remote control that can open and close the louvred roof. You can also choose to control the pergola by downloading the mobile app. Planning a night in the garden in your hot tub? Pair up your Titan Plus and prep your pergola before heading outside.

Many motorised pergolas on the market have a large, clunky, electric motor that’s unsightly and loud! Our pergola was created with you in mind, so the motor on the Titan Plus is tucked away and quiet when in operation.

You can switch between a closed, sheltered space and an open top with the tilting double-layer louvres, allowing sunlight to come flooding in. Use your outdoor area even when the weather is less than perfect. With the tilting louvres, be sure to adjust them to chase the sun from sunrise to sunset. This pergola ultimately allows you to choose between sitting in sunshine or shade and provides a waterproof roof should it start to rain at a moment’s notice – typical of British weather!

The Titan Plus pergola comes with colour-changing LEDs with the ability to display multiple colours at once! You can choose from 7 solid colour options including: cool white, purple, sky blue, yellow, green and red. Are your LEDs too bright? Don’t worry as you can adjust the brightness of the display, great for setting mood lighting for cosy hot tub evenings or bright colours for garden parties. You can also explore the 8 pre-configured colourways built into the Titan Plus. The LED strip is positioned neatly just above the guttering of the Pergola, which shines perfectly onto the underneath roof. Once again, the LED lights can be controlled using the remote control, or via the mobile app. Very smart, indeed.

Do you have a smart device like an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? You’ll soon be able to operate the roof louvres and LED lights directly from your speaker. We will let you know as soon as this exciting feature is live

Made using aluminium, this stylish pergola is 100% waterproof and weather resistant for long-term use. The TIGER Drylac powder coating of the framework ensures a high level of UV resistance and corrosion protection and is also the greenest and most effective coating technology available. These weatherproof aspects mean that virtually no maintenance is needed, and the pergola can be left as a stylish addition to your patio or terrace space. When the roof of the pergola is closed, this will provide you and your family protection from UV rays – more vital than ever with soaring summer temperatures.

The Titan Plus has a brilliant built-in drainage system. Any rainwater that lands on the louvres flows into U-shaped canal and down into the gutter of the framework. The water then travels through a channel inside the pergola leg posts and drains away. This genius system means that you’ll never see the water draining off the roof of the pergola. If you were to open the louvres when wet, the U-shaped channels prevent rainwater from dripping under the sheltered area, so you and your furniture can stay dry.

This pergola will require assembly and we recommend 2-3 people must safely lift and assemble the pergola. The build time is approx. 2 hours. To secure the pergola to the ground, expansion bolts are supplied as standard. We recommend mounting the pergola on a flat, solid and hard surface, like concrete bases. All pergolas must be securely bolted to the floor using the holes within each leg base plate. Our pergolas do not require planning permission. However, if you are unsure, we always recommend contacting your Local Planning Office.

We take immense pride in announcing that our pergola has received the prestigious Red-Dot Design award, a globally recognised competition celebrating innovative product design. This serves as a compelling testament to this pergola, and to its suitability for your outdoor area.

Please note, this pergola will need to be plugged into mains electricity in order to run the louvres and the LED lights. A 5m lead cable is included, giving you plenty of room to reach your nearest plug socket. These should be plugged into an indoor socket or suitably covered outdoor socket.

Please note that if you plan to buy one of our side wall accessories sold separately you will need to drill into the pergola top and legs to attach this securely.

Product Features:
4m x 3m Rectangular Pergola
Remote Control
Mobile App
Compatible With Smart Devices Such As Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Mains Operated
Waterproof Design
Weatherproof Aluminium
Motorised Tilting Louvres
LED Lights With 7 Solid Colour Options
8 Pre-configured Multi-function Colourways
UV Protection
TIGER Drylac Powder Coating
Award-winning Design (Red-Dot)
RAL 9016 Traffic White



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White Pergola

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4m x 3m Rectangular

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