Titan 1.2m Aluminium Side Wall With Adjustable Louvres for 3.6m Titan Pergola – White


Titan 1.2m Aluminium Side Wall With Adjustable Louvres for 3.6m Titan Pergola – White


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The Titan 1.2m Aluminium Side Wall with Adjustable Louvres – White gives your pergola more benefits and added privacy with its new design and features.

Instead of having fixed tilted louvres, we’re now offering you the chance to customise your pergola further by tilting your side wall louvres, just like you would do with the roof section. But it doesn’t stop there. Each side wall has been split into two sections, a top half and a bottom half. That means if you want to close the bottom half and leave the top open, you can do so by manually tilting the louvres with your hands.

This side wall can be attached to your pergola and the ground using the fixings provided to create a more private area, offer shade or offer protection from wind by creating a sheltered space. This item will require self-assembly and full instructions on how to do this will be included with the product.

This item includes a 1 x 1.2m wall but to offer an even more private space we recommend purchasing multiple walls to fill the side. 3 walls would fill 1 x 3.6m pergola side. The maximum number of walls you could add to any pergola would be 11, allowing you space to enter the pergola. (Rectangular pergolas may require a combination of side wall sizes). Please note, for Titan pergolas ordered before 2022 you are unable to fix a side wall directly underneath where the crank handle is situated. Therefore, you will be able to fix a maximum of 2 side wall panels to the side with a crank handle, all other sides will take 3 side wall panels. For Titan pergolas purchased in or after 2022, 3 side wall panels can be added to any side of the pergola but do remember you will need to leave a gap to enter your pergola.

These walls are ideal for use with hot tubs if you have neighbours that overlook your garden, to create privacy.

This side wall can fit onto all pergolas excluding Shadow and Proteus 3m x 3m Pergolas. To fit your side wall to your pergola you will need to drill into the pergola top and legs to attach this securely.

The material is powder-coated aluminium and is fully weather-resistant meaning this can be left outdoors all year round with little maintenance.

The aluminium framework will perfectly match the colour of your pergola and has a RAL code of 9016.

Set Includes:
1 x 1.2m Manual Louvre Side Wall
Product Features:
Aluminium Framework
Louvres Split into Top Half and Bottom Half
Weatherproof Design
RAL Code: 9016.


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Pergola Louvre Side Walls, Pergola Side Walls

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Pergola Accessories

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Outdoor Material


Outdoor Colour

White Pergola

Parashade Size

3.6m x 3.6m Square, 3.6m x 3m Rectangular

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